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Haynes Boone Fast-Tracks Moser Energy Systems EV Charger Patent with USPTO Pilot Program

March 04, 2024

Haynes and Boone, LLP secured an expedited Issue Notification for Moser Energy Systems' new EV charger controller patent application under the United States Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) Climate Change Mitigation Pilot Program. The novel invention empowers users to choose their charging energy source, prioritizing cost, carbon footprint or efficiency, paving the way for more sustainable and personalized EV charging experiences.

Under the traditional review process, patent applications typically face a 20-month wait. However, Haynes Boone leveraged the Pilot Program's expedited review to secure the Notice of Allowance for Moser's technology in just two months, with no changes to the application needed. The Issue Notification quickly followed. The swift approval highlights the significant potential of this technology to contribute to greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and the efficacy of Haynes Boone’s internationally recognized intellectual property team.

“This was the quickest Notice of Allowance I’ve seen in my entire career,” said Vera Suarez, a partner in Haynes Boone’s Patent Prosecution Practice Group. “This case embodies our goal of using new and creative filing strategies to help our clients obtain patent coverage quickly and efficiently.”

Moser's patent covers a controller system that works seamlessly with both mobile and permanently installed EV chargers. It gives users unprecedented control over their charging source, allowing them to select options like a charge with the lowest cost, the lowest carbon footprint, or the most energy-efficient option. This soon-to-be-patented system caters to units connected to multiple power sources, including solar panels, the energy grid, and even propane generators.

“This technology advances what is possible in our future energy and helps inform today’s energy consumer who tends to be far more sophisticated and informed than the consumer of the past,” said Darrin Moorman, senior vice president of innovation for Moser Energy Systems.

Launched by the USPTO in June 2022 and expanded in June 2023, the Climate Change Mitigation program prioritizes innovations that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The expanded program encompasses technologies designed to remove greenhouse gases, prevent additional emissions, or monitor and verify emission reductions.

About Moser Energy Systems
Moser Energy Systems is a provider of low-emission distributed energy solutions for various sectors, including Oilfield Services, Commercial, Industrial, and Military applications. With a legacy dating back to 1973, Moser is recognized for its technologies, such as proprietary oilfield generator systems utilizing raw wellhead gas, contributing to reductions in flaring and operating expenses.

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