Marc Fantich v. Comcorp of Texas Inc.

Advertising agent sued our client, a television station, for defamation, tortious interference, and negligence after the station truthfully told a customer that the station's ad reps could no longer accept ads from the agent, who had multiple unpaid invoices. After we filed a summary judgment motion on all claims, plaintiff dropped his defamation and negligence claims but kept the tortious interference claim and added a claim for public disclosure of private facts in an attempt to defeat the summary judgment motion. We filed a Rule 91a Motion to Dismiss on the public disclosure claim because the communication at issue was a private conversation, there was no public disclosure and the facts were not private facts. The judge agreed, dismissing the privacy claim with prejudice and granting our client more than $15,615.75 in attorneys' fees pursuant to the statute. The judge later granted the motion for summary judgment on the remaining claim of tortious interference, disposing of all claims.