Melanson v. Grace, et al., Cause No. D-1-GN-17-003349 (261st Dist. Ct., Travis County, Tex., Mar. 27, 2018)

Haynes and Boone represented CBS Television Distribution, Graham Media and Associated Newspapers, all national media outlets, in a defamation suit brought by an Austin-area dentist after Defendants reported on the tragic death of a 14-month dental patient who died as a result of complications from anesthesia administered during a dental procedure performed by the Plaintiff. Defendants filed an Anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss asserting that the claims were untimely, that the reports at issue were privileged and were not "of and concerning" Plaintiff, and that Plaintiff could not establish damages or actual malice. Soon thereafter, in response to the filing of the Anti-SLAPP Motion, Plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed their claims against CBS and our other media defendant clients without the necessity of a hearing.