Government Relations

Businesses and other organizations with interests in Texas have a significant stake in the dynamics of Texas state government. The extent to which a business or other organization succeeds in its mission may be directly impacted by state government in a variety of ways. An entity’s public policy strategy can be a key component to its overall success, as well as the success in a particular transaction or dispute.

Haynes and Boone represents clients before state and local governments and state administrative agencies, protecting our client’s business interests and promoting their concerns before legislative and regulatory decision makers. We provide clients optimal guidance, representation, and advocacy before Texas legislative and regulatory bodies to allow our clients the opportunity to proactively participate in the development of statutes and regulations that affect them. We keep our clients apprised of issues affecting them, before new laws and regulations that impact their business are formulated. We monitor legislative activity and work in an advisory role to protect and advance our client’s interests.

Our Government Relations practice is comprised of multi-practice representation, and our services are tailored to address specific needs and applicable to legislative/political and regulatory entities. Our firm culture allows all of the firm’s resources, wherever located, to flow freely to our clients’ needs, wherever they are. This allows us to provide our clients integrated approaches to address their issues and concerns.

Among our ranks, we include former U.S., county and district attorneys in Texas, as well as current and past appointees for numerous county, municipal and special purpose districts. Our practice also includes a former Assistant United States Attorney, a former County Attorney for Harris County, and a former Harris County Litigation Bureau Chief.

On behalf of our clients, we:

  • Analyze advocacy requirements and opportunities, including the legislative and regulatory content of issues
  • Monitor and report on legislative and regulatory developments
  • Develop and implement legislative policy and strategy
  • Advocate the client’s interest directly with members of the Legislature and executive branch
  • Coordinate with other industry participants and policy or trade advocacy groups
  • Identify key stakeholders and interests
  • Develop strategic relationships to key executive officials and represent clients at fundraisers, receptions, political functions and other gatherings
  • Analyze industry trends and forecasts
  • Identify optimal client opportunities
  • Develop advocacy messaging and presentations and testimony
  • Support client internal or external communication requirements (newsletters, internal presentations and investor relations)
  • Legal, legislative, and regulatory developments in state government have significant impact on all businesses and operations.

Our attorneys address complex legal and public policy issues faced by our clients, in addition to offering transactional and litigation services.

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