Outsourcing Transactions

The Haynes and Boone Outsourcing Practice Group is focused on helping clients structure, negotiate, document, and close a wide variety of information technology and business process outsourcing transactions. Our lawyers understand clients’ business objectives and have substantial experience in virtually every major global industry, including banking, energy, computer, health care, hospitality and restaurant, manufacturing, software, telecommunications, transportation, and utilities. In addition, we have relationships with some of the leading outsourcing consulting groups who often assist with the non-legal aspects of transactions.

Our attorneys have worked with clients in formulating and responding to proposals, conducting due diligence, determining baseline pricing, and addressing service level issues and benchmarking. We provide helpful insights on issues related to employment, Sarbanes-Oxley, intellectual property, governmental compliance, tax, and international law that commonly arise in outsourcing arrangements.

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Additional Insights on Force Majeure Under Texas Law
March 17, 2020

As individuals, businesses, and governments continue to take actions to mitigate or contain the worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it is likely that performance of contracts agreed to long before the emergence of the pandemic will become difficult, if not entirely impossible. This raises the question of how does a person avoid breach of contract liability when such a breach is t [...]