Fund Finance: Impact of ILPA's DDQ 2.0 and Diversity Metrics Template

November 15, 2021

ILPA’s Publication of DDQ 2.0 and Diversity Metrics Template

Last week the Institutional Limited Partners Association (“ILPA”) published an updated version of its Due Diligence Questionnaire (such updated version, “DDQ 2.0”) and Diversity Metrics Template (such updated version, the “Metrics 2.0” which along with DDQ 2.0 can be accessed here). The revised versions, updated throughout 2021, are intended to standardize the key areas of inquiry posed by ILPA’s investor constituents (“LPs”) during their diligence process with respect to managers and to provide a framework for ongoing monitoring of progress related to diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”) and environmental, social and governance (“ESG”). ILPA indicates that DDQ 2.0 benefitted from input that ILPA sourced from a public comment period and discussions with LPs, general partners of private investment vehicles (“GPs”), as well as other industry bodies via working groups and roundtables.

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