Haynes and Boone Generates Widespread Media Attention in Fight for Due Process of Asylum Seekers

July 20, 2018

Publications ranging from Bloomberg to Law360, Texas Lawyer, The Boston Globe, The Houston Chronicle and Texas Lawbook have spotlighted Haynes and Boone, LLP, for its efforts to ensure parents and children seeking asylum at the South Texas border receive their due process.

Many publications featured Haynes and Boone’s successful efforts to persuade a federal judge to enjoin the removal of a 29-year-old Honduran woman and her 12-year-old daughter — a precedent-setting case.

“This is the first time a judge exercised jurisdiction over an expedited immigration proceeding to ensure due process,” Partner Emily Westridge Black said in a Texas Lawyer article, adding that immigration cases do not usually deviate into federal district courts.

Media outlets have also profiled Haynes and Boone’s overall work on behalf of parents and children at the border.

“Our managing partner, Tim Powers, sent out a ‘call to arms,’ and the response from the firm’s lawyers has been overwhelming,” Debbie McComas, a partner and co-chair who represents corporations in cross-border disputes, told Texas Lawbook. “Lawyers in just about every office in the firm have signed up. Even a lawyer in our London office wants to be involved.”

The following outlets have profiled Haynes and Boone’s outpouring of assistance:

Bloomberg News – “Reunited Immigrant Families Face Difficult Choice to Split Again”

Boston Globe – “Reunited Immigrant Families Face Difficult Choice: Try to Stay Legally or Leave Children in the US”

Caller Times – “Immigration Judge: 'Wish You Luck in Your Home Country,' To Rejected Asylum Seekers”

Dallas Business Journal – “Dallas Corporate Law Firm Steps Up on Immigration”

Fortune – “Reunited Immigrant Families Have a Difficult Choice to Make”

Houston Chronicle – “Half of Migrants Under 5 Reunited With Parents, Though Rest Remain ‘Ineligible’”

Houston Chronicle – “Pricey Lawyers Aid Distressed Immigrant Families At Border”

Law360 – “BigLaw Jumps Into Immigration Fray”

Law360 – “Honduran Can't Be Deported  Until She's Reunited With Child”

New York Times – “The Law Did Not Create This Crisis, but Lawyers Will Help End It”

Reuters - At Texas Border, Joy and Chaos as U.S. Reunites Migrant Families

San Antonio Express News – “Half of Migrants Under 5 Reunited With Parents, Though Rest Remain ‘Ineligible’"

SFGate – “Reunited Immigrant Families Face Difficult Choice”

Texas Lawbook - “Mami, Por qué dejas que me lastimen?’ – Corp. Lawyers Help Anguished Parents & Children at the Border”

Texas Lawbook – “Houston Chief Federal Judge Issues First TRO in Parent Deportation”

Texas Lawbook – “Texas Corporate Law Firms Step Up on Immigration”

Texas Lawyer – “Haynes and Boone Lawyers Convince Federal Judge to Issue TRO to Delay Client's Deportation

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