Texas Lawyer, Law360 Pulse Cover Haynes Boone’s New Partner Class of 2023

News outlets Texas Lawyer and Law360 Pulse both published articles about Haynes and Boone, LLP’s 2023 partner class. Read an excerpt of both articles below:

Texas Lawyer - Haynes Boone Elects a Record Class of New Partners:

Haynes Boone has promoted a record class of 16 lawyers to partner, effective Jan. 1, 2023, putting the Dallas-founded firm in the ranks of Big Law firms announcing record new partner classes. . .

“The size of the class reflects the broad-based success we’ve had in our various practices and attorney development programs,” said Managing Partner Taylor Wilson.

Many of the new partners joined the firm as first-year associates, Wilson said.

“The new partnership class is 16 individuals who have great practices,” he said, adding that each is “tremendously accomplished.”

The group includes six women, and according to Wilson, is 50% diverse under the Mansfield categories of women, underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, LGBTQ+ lawyers and lawyers with disabilities.

Law360 PulseHaynes Boone’s 2023 Partner Class Outsizes Prior Year’s:

Haynes and Boone, LLP said it will promote three more attorneys to the partnership level in 2023 than it did in 2022, with a firm leader calling the new group one of the largest classes of partners selected in the firm's 50-year history.

The firm announced on Monday that 16 attorneys would make partner on Jan. 1 — promoting three more lawyers than last year, when Haynes Boone hired what it called its most diverse partnership class ever.

Taylor Wilson, the firm's managing partner, said in a statement that the new partners were a "supremely accomplished group," with "demonstrated skill, professionalism" and dedication to client service.

"This is one of the largest new-partners classes in our history. The fact that we are able to promote so many worthy lawyers to partner, from a variety of practices, speaks volumes about the long-term health of Haynes Boone," Wilson said in a statement. . .

Natalie DuBose, a Dallas insurance litigation attorney, told Law360 in by email on Monday that it was incredibly personally meaningful to join a group of insurance recovery partner who were as esteemed as the group at Haynes Boone.

"Eleven years ago, I was put in our insurance group as a summer associate at Haynes Boone," she said. "I was mentored by a fantastic group of partners, including Ernest Martin Jr., who also taught insurance law at my law school. They brought such life and enthusiasm to the practice, and I was hooked. Eleven years and two kids later, I'm so honored to be able to join that incredible group of practitioners."

Tiffany Cooke, a Dallas attorney who works in the firm's IP limitation practice group, said that achieving partner was something she'd always dreamed of, but that achieving that title at Haynes Boone "is an even greater honor."

"Haynes and Boone represents the best of what the practice of law has to offer—it has cultivated top talent and clients, while also fiercely guarding its culture," Cooke said. "I look forward to continuing my career as a Haynes Boone partner and embodying what it means to be a Haynes Boone lawyer."

Several other media outlets covered Haynes Boone's 2023 class of new partners, including Bloomberg Law's Wake-Up Call, Reuters - The Afternoon Docket, and World IP Review.

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