Press Release

10 Haynes Boone Lawyers Ranked in 2022 IPR Intelligence Report

September 19, 2022

Haynes and Boone, LLP and 10 of its lawyers are included in the 2022 edition of Patexia Inc.’s IPR Intelligence Report on the nation’s leaders in inter partes review (IPR) proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

Among the report’s highlights are a number of improved standings: Haynes Boone ranked as the 4th most active firm representing petitioners; 8th most active firm overall (representing petitioners or patent owners); and the 9th best performing firm representing petitioners.

Ten Haynes Boone lawyers – Raghav Bajaj, Jonathan Bowser, Andrew Ehmke, Theo Foster, Eugene Goryunov, Gregory Huh, David McCombs, Scott Jarratt, David O'Brien, and Michael Parsons – were ranked among the top practitioners.

“The 2022 IPR Intelligence Report again validates the fact that Haynes Boone is a market leader in the IPR process, with a team that has significant experience helping our clients protect their IP,” said David O’Dell, firm partner and chair of the firm’s Patent Trials and Counseling Practice Group.

The 2022 report covers 7,030 IPRs over a five-year period from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2022. Patexia analyzed 4,966 unique patents and 77,846 unique patent claims challenged over the last five years to come up with the activity, success, and performance scores for all attorneys, law firms, and companies on the patent owner and petitioner sides. Patexia also surveyed more than 5,600 lawyers and more than 900 law firms in arriving at its rankings.

Below is the breakdown of Haynes Boone rankings.

The firm ranked in the following categories:

• 4th among the 100 most active law firms representing petitioners (up from 6th place the previous year).
• 8th among the 100 most active law firms overall (up from 11th place)
• 9th among the 100 best performing law firms representing petitioners, with a performance score of 93.39% (up from 36th place)
• 38th among the best performing law firms representing patent owners, with a performance score of 79.84% (up from 72nd place)
• 40th among the 100 Best Performing Law Firms Overall (representing petitioners or patent owners), with an overall performance score of 82.85%.
• 57th among the 100 Most Active Law Firms representing patent owners, with 39 patent owner cases.

Top 100 most active attorneys representing petitioners:

• McCombs ranked 6th, with 128 petitioner cases.
• Bowser ranked 26th, with 80 petitioner cases.
• Goryunov ranked 28th, with 81 petitioner cases.
• Ehmke ranked 31st, with 77 petitioner cases.
• Foster ranked 51st, with 59 petitioner cases.
• Huh ranked 68th, with 51 petitioner cases.
• Bajaj ranked 81st, with 46 petitioner cases.

Top 100 most active attorneys overall representing petitioners or patent owners:

• McCombs ranked 21st, with 137 cases.
• Goryunov ranked 41st, with 111 cases.
• Bowser ranked 62nd, with 91 cases.
• Ehmke ranked 81st, with 77 cases.

Top 100 best performing attorneys representing petitioners:

• Ehmke ranked 4th, with a performance score of 89.13%.
• Jarratt ranked 23rd, with a performance scored of 82.30%.
• O'Brien ranked 60th, with a performance score of 78.3.%
• Parsons ranked 80th, with a performance score of 76.71%.

Top 100 best performing attorneys (representing petitioners or patent owners):

• Ehmke ranked 35th, with an overall performance score of 86.38%.

Haynes Boone’s IP Practice is a full-service practice including patent procurement, litigation and trial proceedings before the PTAB, where the firm is nationally recognized for successes in both defending clients’ patent IP and invalidating claims that are asserted against clients but never should have been issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). These PTAB trial proceedings include IPR, covered business method (CBM) review, post-grant review (PGR), and other proceedings before the PTAB.