Mike McArthur, Ellie Sowanick, Lyric Stephenson in Reuters: 'Brand Owners Should Get TM Versed in the Metaverse'

Associates Mike McArthur, Ellie Sowanick and Lyric Stephenson authored an article in Reuters titled “Brand Owners Should Get TM Versed in the Metaverse.” Read an excerpt below:

By now, we have all heard the term "metaverse," but what does it actually mean? In a nutshell, the metaverse is the next generation internet: a 3-D version that users can "step inside" and experience via virtual reality, augmented reality, or mixed reality, among others.


The metaverse is not one virtual world, but a network of many, including, for example, Sandbox, Roblox, and Meta's Horizon Worlds. As the metaverse matures, users will be able to travel between these virtual environments and interact as they would in the real world. Imagine the following day:


In the morning, you put on a virtual reality headset and get transported to a universe where you start your day by purchasing a virtual Chanel suit in your favorite virtual clothing store, complete with a virtual salesperson to help you find the right suit for your avatar's morning meeting in your virtual office space, like the Meta's Horizon Workrooms. At lunch, you pop over to the virtual Walmart store to pick up some virtual toys for the kids to play with in their own virtual environments. That evening, you round out the day by attending a live virtual concert by Justin Bieber.


That opportunity is arriving, and brand owners need to be prepared.

Excerpted from Reuters.
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