Commercial Contracts

Haynes Boone offers valuable legal insight for our clients' critical business relationships. Our commercial contracts team combines in-depth legal experience with practical business acumen to draft and negotiate a variety of transactions, from business-critical, high-profile, complex commercial agreements to routine contracts that facilitate day-to-day business activities. We know that successful commercial agreements form the foundation for long-term success among parties, and that profit is often generated from creative, sophisticated, and efficient business processes and contracts. We work to align interests and generate value in the contracting process, while simultaneously managing the significant risks that accompany commercial transactions.

Our deep bench of lawyers has decades of experience in guiding clients through various complexities to ensure that their commercial agreements form a solid framework to facilitate their businesses. We represent some of the world's largest and most successful companies across a variety of industries, including aviation, food and beverage, transportation, manufacturing, software, healthcare, retail, banking, and fintech.

High-profile clients rely on Haynes Boone to provide straightforward advice on a variety of commercial contracts matters, from unique one-time deals to complicated, time-sensitive negotiations. We work seamlessly with in-house counsel and business teams to handle technical, legal, regulatory, financial, data privacy, commercial, and operational issues and effectively manage contracts across their lifecycle. Our cross-collaborative team can help you negotiate and manage commercial contracts that are solid, pragmatic, and workable, and lay the best foundations for a successful outcome.

We regularly assist our clients with the following:

Commercial Transactions: We advise companies on domestic and international commercial transactions, and our lawyers are highly skilled in drafting and negotiating a wide variety of agreements. 

Interpretation and Ongoing Advisory: We analyze contract interpretation questions and assist with amending and updating our clients’ existing contracts to reflect the evolution of their business relationships.

Contract Templates: We architect new contractual structures and templates for our clients’ innovative business lines and revitalize their existing contract templates to account for changes in the legal and commercial landscape.

Process Tools: We work with legal and business teams to make their contracting processes more efficient and consistent through the creation of training materials, processes, and playbooks.

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