Haynes and Boone is well-equipped to handle and work collaboratively on transactions and investments involving Canadian companies and assets. As a result of our deep Texas roots, dating back nearly five decades, we have lived through multiple market cycles and possess a true understanding of the nuances of the energy and natural resources sectors. With the recent slump in commodity prices, our lawyers have assisted clients in a number of high-profile E&P and oilfield service bankruptcy matters, representing debtors, creditors, energy lenders, and private equity investors. Haynes and Boone’s Oil Patch Bankruptcy Monitor is often quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Pro.

We also have extensive energy and mining experience through our Denver and Mexico City offices. Operating in Mexico City with its affiliate, Haynes and Boone, SC, Haynes and Boone is among the largest U.S. firms in Mexico and has been serving clients in Mexico and Latin America for more than 20 years.

Our lawyers nationwide, including in Texas, New York, Washington, D.C. and Illinois, frequently assist U.S. and Canadian-based clients with their corporate, capital markets and financing needs in Canada, including private equity transactions, shelf filings of debt and equity, export/import bank transactions, public mergers and acquisitions, multi-jurisdictional debt securitizations and asset acquisitions. We have completed more than 50 securities offerings and acquisitions for Canadian issuers relying on the Multi-Jurisdictional Disclosure System. We are also familiar with Canadian and U.S. tax, structuring, and related issues.

Through our California and Shanghai offices, we are well-positioned to provide a full range of cross-border legal services to Canadian clients throughout the West Coast and Asia, including China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan, and to take advantage of the steady growth of the global economy, particularly the expansion of trade and investment between Asia and North and South America.

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USMCA Is Ready to Take Effect with the Publication of Labor Enforcement Procedures
July, 01 2020

US labor organizations have consistently asserted that the net benefits of free trade agreements (“FTAs”) are not as promised and, in addition, that inadequate governmental support has been given to those U.S. workers negatively affected by FTAs. For these reasons, among others, US labor organizations have consistently opposed FTAs, especially those with developing economies such as Mexico where [...]