CENACE Announces Call to Bid for the Fourth Long-Term Power Auction in Mexico

March 26, 2018

On March 15, 2018, the National Center for Energy Control (“CENACE”) announced the fourth long-term auction for the purchase and sale of power, capacity, and clean energy certificates. The term of the contracts for power and capacity will be 15 years while the term for clean energy certificate contracts will be 20 years.

The standard commercial operation date of the power generation projects awarded under the auction is scheduled for January 1, 2021.

The critical dates for the fourth long-term auction are the following:

March 28, 2018  Publication of the first draft of the auction guidelines
March 28 – August 7
Period for potential purchasers to pay for the auction guidelines; the fees to purchase the guidelines are approximately US$1,650
March 28 – August 7
Prequalification and registration as potential purchaser
April 13
First workshop
April 23 – 24
First Q&A session
May 2
Publication of responses of the first Q&A session
May 4
Second Q&A session
May 11
Publication of responses of the second Q&A session
May 30
Publication of the final version of the auction guidelines
June 6
Deadline for the applicant to register as a potential purchaser
June 6
Publication of the appointed social witness
June 28
Submission of purchase offers by basic service suppliers
July 12
Submission of purchase offers by the load serving entities (entidad responsable de carga) (“ERC”)
July 16
Notification of the accepted products and prices offered by the ERC
July 18
Publication of the maximum price for the associated products
August 10
Second workshop related to the technical proposal submission
August 21 – 22
Submission of prequalification requests for sale offers
September 24
Submission of bid guarantee
October 11
Issuance of prequalification certificates
October 15
Third workshop related to the submission of economic proposals
October 17 – 22
Delivery of the first and second stages for the economic proposals of the sale offers
October 23 – 24
Review of sale offers (economic proposals)
November 2
Award of the contracts to purchase and sell energy and associated products
February 15, 2019
Deadline to execute the awarded contracts

Note that CENACE may modify the auction dates and documentation during the auction process. We will inform you when the bidding guidelines are published.

Haynes and Boone lawyers have been actively involved representing several bidders in Mexico’s first, second and third power auctions.

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