Mexico: Outage Scheduling Guidelines

November 21, 2017

On November 13, 2017, the Ministry of Energy (“SENER”) published the Outage Scheduling Guidelines (Manual de Programación de Salidas) (“Guidelines”), establishing the principles of calculation, instructions, rules and procedures that Market Participants, Transporters and Distributors shall observe to schedule their outages and obtain the corresponding authorizations from CENACE; as well as the criteria that CENACE must follow to schedule mid-term outages and grant the corresponding authorizations.

According to Market Guidelines 6.6, CENACE will plan and coordinate the outage requests from the Generators, Controllable Demand Resources, Transporters and Distributors so that they may carry out the maintenance work, amendments, extensions and other activities necessary for the correct operation of the elements of the National Electric System.

The Guidelines are comprised by six chapters:

  • Chapter one describes the purpose and content of these Guidelines and establishes the terms and interpretation rules.

  • Chapter two explains the general provisions and obligations that CENACE, Market Participants, Transporters and Distributors shall observe and that will be applicable for the outage schedule.

  • Chapter three describes the mid-term outage scheduling; it also describes the way in which the Three Year Outage Scheduling Program and the Quarterly Integrated Outage Scheduling Programs will be elaborated.

  • Chapter four describes the short-term outage scheduling, particularly, the procedures to authorize scheduled outages, forced outages and emergency outages.

  • Chapter five describes the methodology, principles of calculation and mathematical formulas that CENACE will follow to assess the outages programs and preference criteria of outage scheduling.

  • Chapter six contains the transitory provisions of the Guidelines.

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