Oilfield Technology

Haynes Boone has been assisting clients in the oilfield services industry for more than 50 years. Many of the members of our oilfield services intellectual property team worked in the oilfield services industry as engineers before the practice of law.

Our team has helped clients in all aspects of their oilfield services IP needs.

Patent Prosecution and PTO Representation - We have filed more than 10,000 patent applications in the oilfield services industry both domestically and internationally.

IP Counseling and Opinions – We assist our clients in building and managing complex portfolios of patent rights in the oilfield services industry. Our team regularly provides clients with analyses of complex scientific and legal issues, including freedom-to-operate, non-infringement, and invalidity opinions. We also provide landscape analyses and consult with and advise clients on design-around alternatives.

Oilfield Services Transactions – We advise clients with respect to a full range of transactional issues in the oilfield services industry, including patent and related IP due diligence and the negotiation and drafting of various agreements in connection with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, secure financings, bankruptcy and partnering arrangements such as development agreements, licensing agreements, test agreements, university agreements, joint ventures, and distribution agreements.

Oilfield Services IP Litigation and IPR Matters – Trial attorneys on our oilfield services team are adept at handling patent infringement, trade secret and copyright litigation for our clients in state and federal courts across the country, including the International Trade Commission. Our nation leading IPR team is one of the top ten most prolific advocates before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and most successful firm representing petitioners in IPR.

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Representative Technologies Include:

  • Artificial Lift including electric submersible pumps (ESP); progressive cavity pumps (PCP), horizontal pumping systems (HPS) for surface fluid transfer applications, as well as related power, control, motors, gauges, cables
  • Cementing including gas migration, lost circulation, plug cementing, resins, casing equipment including casing attachments, debris management tools, annular casing packers, floating equipment, plugs, shoes, stage cementing tools, surface circulating equipment, wiping technology; annular pressure systems, pumping & mixing equipment and bulk handling equipment
  • Coring including coring tools, sample containers, sidewall coring, HPHT coring; sample handling
  • Drill Bits including fixed cutters, roller cones, drill bit optimization, coring and hole enlargement, reamers
  • Drilling including coring, directional drilling, downhole tools, drilling fluid control, geosteering, hole enlargement, logging-while-drilling, magnetic ranging, measurement while-drilling, reservoir fluids handling and management, solids control equipment, surface data logging, telemetry, and waste management systems
  • Fluid Services including solids control such as centrifuges, shakers & screens, and dewatering; Separation and handling, including cuttings dryers, cuttings reinjection, water treatment, handling and transport, and filtration
  • Formation Evaluation including digital rock analysis such as multiscale imaging analysis and interpretation; Formation evaluation behind casing using pulsed-neutron technology, detectors, geology analysis, wellbore surveying, wellbore pressure monitoring
  • Hole Enlargement including reamer tools, rotary steerable tools, bent subs
  • Pipeline & Process Equipment including recommissioning and commissioning equipment, pigs, ROVs, power delivery
  • Pressure Control Equipment, including BOP rams and ram packers
  • Reservoir Testing & Analysis including data acquisition through telemetry systems, electronic gauges, fluid sampling
  • Sand Control including completion systems, multizone completion systems, single trip completion systems, zonal isolation equipment, multi-position gravel pack tool, gravel pack systems, screens including mesh screens, wire warp screens, compliant screens, expandable screens, inflow control devices, acid systems, and filter cake breakers
  • Stimulation including chemical injection; asphaltene/paraffin control equipment, fiber optic monitoring, including distributed temperature sensors and strain gauges, fracture modeling software, microdeformation monitoring; microseismic monitoring, multistage fracturing with coiled tubing, and remote operations command and control; steam injection including SAGD, hydraulic fracturing equipment, including pumps, sand delivery, mixing and fluid delivery systems and manifolds
  • Subsea including riser systems, subsea safety systems, subsea pigging systems; subsea pumping and hydraulic systems
  • Wellbore Service Tools including retrievable packers, and retrievable bridge plugs; wellbore cleaning tools including riser cleaning tools, casing cleaning tools; jetting and bypass tools; debris extraction tools
  • Well Completions including intelligent completions including chemical injection equipment, interval control, zonal isolation, downhole control systems, permanent monitoring, surface control and monitoring systems, remote open close technology; intervention solutions including flow control equipment, packers and straddles, and retrievable bridge plugs; isolation barrier valves; liner hangers including expandable liner hangers and conventional liner hangers; multilateral systems; permanent monitoring including distributed sensor systems, downhole gauges, venturi flow meters; production packers including permanent packers, retrievable packers and openhole packers; remote open close technology including bridge plugs, downhole control unit, circulating valves, isolation barrier valves, ball valves; subsurface flow controls including crossover valves; subsurface safety valves; swell technology including swellable packers; unconventional completions including frac sleeve systems, open hole isolation systems, dissolvable tools, drillable tools; horizontal completions including zonal isolation equipment
  • Well Intervention including coiled tubing equipment, hydraulic workover and snubbing equipment; slickline technology including completion intervention tools, perforating, packer setting equipment; thru tubing tools including wellbore cleaning, milling tools, fishing tools
  • Wireline & Perforating including hydraulic and electric jars, tension device, cable heads, free-point tool, cement evaluation, pipe integrity evaluation, well flow diagnostics, tubing conveyed perforating, gun systems, firing heads, wireline intervention, slickline, mechanical intervention, fishing, plugs, chemical cutter, jet cutters, shaped charge cutters, firing systems
  • Cementing including heavyweight cement, lightweight cement, lost circulation, plug cementing, resins, self-healing cement, squeeze cementing, slurries
  • Chemicals including acidizing and wellbore cleanout, flow assurance, fracturing fluid additives, integrity management, fluid separation, midstream solutions, offshore water solutions, stimulation chemicals
  • Drilling including drilling fluids, fluid additives
  • Fluid Services including reservoir fluids solutions, including acid soluble lost circulation materials, breaker systems, completion fluids, displacement systems; Fluid additives such as alkalinity control agents, borehole stabilizers, corrosion control, degreasers, wetting agents, emulsifiers, filtrate control agents, lost circulation materials, lubricants, ROP enhancers, spotting fluids, sweeping agents, thinners, deflocculants, viscosifiers, suspending agents, and weighting agents
  • Materials and Chemicals including additives, agents, cement blends, defoamers, dispersants, efficiency fluid, expansion/bond improving, fluid loss additives, free water suspension, latexes, retarders, spacers and flushes
  • Sand Control including acid systems, chemical fluid loss control, filter cake breaker, formation/proppant stabilization, gravel pack carrier fluids, gravel pack slurries
  • Stimulation including acidizing/near-wellbore cleanout including acidizing additives asphaltene/paraffin control, carbonate acidizing systems, scale inhibitor products, proppants, conductivity endurance including proppant coating, and proppant flowback control, fracturing fluid additives, fracturing fluid systems, friction reduced water treatments, multi-zone fracturing and water-based gel systems
  • Artificial Lift including computer systems for surface fluid transfer applications, automated balancing and forecasting, automated control, and remote monitoring
  • Cementing including software for designing and monitoring Casing equipment including casing attachments, stage cementing tools, workflow processes, and well integrity
  • Chemicals including optimization of injection fluids for acidizing and wellbore cleanout, flow assurance, fracturing fluid additives, integrity management, fluid separation, stimulation chemicals
  • Drill Bits including drill bit optimization
  • Drilling including automated drilling, directional drilling, downhole tools, drill bits, drilling fluids, fluid additives, geosteering, logging-while-drilling, measurement-while drilling, optimized pressure drilling, reservoir fluids handling and management, surface data logging, survey management, telemetry, and waste management systems
  • Fluid Services including wellsite monitoring systems for Separation and handling, including water treatment, handling and transport, and filtration
  • Formation Evaluation including digital rock analysis such as multiscale imaging analysis and interpretation; Formation evaluation behind casing using geology analysis, geophysics analysis, petrophysics analysis, vibration monitoring, wellbore surveying, wellbore pressure monitoring