Counterparty Insolvency and Risk Management

Haynes and Boone's Restructuring Practice Group advises many financially healthy clients on counterparty insolvency issues that arise in our client's business operations. Our attorneys assist in creating corporate policies to minimize bankruptcy exposure and preference liability and to react effectively to distress or bankruptcy of clients' business partners. Our attorneys assist with drafting and reviewing contract provisions that minimize insolvency risk, drafting claims to be filed in bankruptcy cases, negotiating, settling and litigating preference and bankruptcy claim issues, and various other bankruptcy-related issues that arise on a regular basis. Our clients recognize that minimizing and managing insolvency risk can create significant long-term operational savings.

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Restructuring and Insolvency Focus: Predictions for 2024
January 10, 2024

As 2023 ends and insolvency rates hit worrying new highs, any suggestion that there is light at the end of the UK’s economic tunnel is not supported by the statistics. We look at what may lie ahead for the restructuring and insolvency sector next year. Business insolvencies to rise to new record levels in 2024. With the latest data from the Insolvency Service sadly showing the highest level o [...]