The Internet is still evolving as the most dynamic product and service marketing tool available. Because of this fluidity and the open nature of the Internet, companies are often the targets of trademark misuse and misappropriation. Haynes and Boone is always working with companies to vigorously defend themselves and their brands on the Internet. One of the best benefits that our attorneys offer is the fact that they are constantly researching the law, speaking on it and addressing real-world issues for their clients. The Internet is subject to the laws of a multitude of jurisdictions and governing bodies and tackling those issues can at times present a challenge that Haynes and Boone can help address.

A presence on the Internet can mean a whole host of new issues with one’s trademarks and brands. Haynes and Boone regularly counsels clients on issues related to website launches such as proper registration of trademarks, security and privacy issues, proper use of trademarks belonging to third parties as well as copyright issues. Basically, we help you make sure that when launching a website as many potential troublesome pitfalls as possible are avoided.

Haynes and Boone attorneys routinely handle many types of Internet issues and look forward to working with companies to find solutions to Internet-related problems. They are often working to resolve disputes under the procedures established by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Our attorneys handle domain name disputes and cybersquatting issues under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA).

Following are some of our most recent UDRP wins for our clients:

For a complete listing of our recent UDRP disputes click here.

Should you feel like a domain name is being misappropriated by a cybersquatter we can help you resolve that matter quickly and efficiently. In resolving these issues we work to see that offending domain names are transferred, damages are paid and that any trademark infringement that occurred is properly remedied.

Our lawyers are experienced in handling legal issues related to social media, including user name infringement, misuse of logos, and other trademark, copyright, privacy, confidentiality, and defamation issues.

Another key area where our intellectual property attorneys have built a wealth of experience is with keyword advertising. This is an area of trademark law that is far from settled, with laws being varied within the United States and abroad. However, our attorneys are frequent speakers on this issue and help clients stay on top of the latest trends and precedents in this area. The dominance of search engines as gateways to the sale of products and services often leads to trademark abuse by competitors who misappropriate the names and trademarks of their competition. We counsel companies on implementing best practices with respect to keyword advertising and help resolve disputes should they arise.

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