Technology Mergers and Acquisitions

The lawyers in Haynes and Boone’s Technology Mergers and Acquisitions Practice Group understand that technology-centric mergers and acquisitions, investments, joint ventures and other partnering arrangements present unique challenges. Our clients want lawyers who appreciate the nuances associated with tech-related businesses and the critical role intellectual property plays in their strategic transactions. We deliver practical and effective solutions tailored specifically to meet each client’s unique business needs.

With a long history of representing technology companies, Haynes and Boone’s Technology M&A practice is able to marshal a multidisciplinary team of lawyers for any tech-centric merger or acquisition. We are able to quickly identify and assess issues that are critical to closing technology M&A deals, including risks and opportunities related to intellectual property, data privacy, technology licensing, tax and human resources.

Our due diligence analysis is performed with a clear understanding of the goals of the transaction, and we provide rapid feedback regarding risk exposure early in the process. Upon closing, our team is available and ready to ensure efficient integration related to any merged entity.

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Press Release
Haynes Boone Counsels Morae in Strategic Acquisition of Exigent
November 07, 2023

Haynes and Boone, LLP served as legal counsel for Houston-headquartered Morae Global Corporation in its acquisition of Exigent Group Limited, a UK-based technology and legal services provider. The deal allows Houston-based Morae to double its global capacity of legal technology offerings to serve more than 1,000 clients, making it one of the largest companies in the industry. Haynes Boone Seni [...]