Press Release

Haynes Boone Lawyers Prominently Featured in 2021 Chambers USA

May 21, 2021
Haynes and Boone, LLP practices and lawyers across the country were recognized as industry leaders in the 2021 edition of the Chambers USA legal directory, published by Chambers and Partners. The directory honored 71 Haynes and Boone lawyers and 20 practice areas, an increase in both the number of lawyers and practices ranked from the previous Chambers USA directory.

In the 2021 directory, the following lawyers increased their rankings over the prior year: Thad Behrens, Barry Buchman, Deborah Coldwell, Eli Columbus, Philip Kim, Michael Mazzone, Suzanne Murray, and Justin Riess.

Notably, two Haynes and Boone lawyers were ranked Band 1 in the Chambers USA-Nationwide Directory: Deborah Coldwell and Craig Stahl.

Additionally, the following Haynes and Boone lawyers were recognized in Chambers USA for the first time: Ann Al-Bahish, Brent Beckert, David Bell, Emily Westridge Black, Matthew Frankle, Brian Giovannini, Becky Landau, Dan Malone, Michelle Scheffler, and Leslie Thorne.

“The Chambers USA rankings speak to Haynes and Boone’s ability to provide top-flight counsel across a broad spectrum of legal practices,” said Haynes and Boone Managing Partner Taylor Wilson. “The 2021 directory also mirrors the growth we have enjoyed over the past year, as we have brought on new lawyers and established new practices while also continuing to develop our existing lawyers into industry leaders.”

Chambers ranks lawyers and practices based on thousands of interviews with leading practitioners and clients. Ranking criteria include technical legal ability, professional conduct, client service, commercial astuteness, diligence, commitment, and other qualities most valued by legal clients.

The following Haynes and Boone practice groups were featured in the 2021 edition of Chambers USA:

Banking & Finance (Texas)

Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Texas)

Corporate/M&A (Texas)

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation (Dallas & Surrounds; Houston & Surrounds)

Energy: State Regulatory & Litigation (Electricity) (Texas)

Environment (Texas)

Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Compliance) (Nationwide)

Franchising (Nationwide)

Healthcare (Texas)

Insurance (Texas)

Intellectual Property (Texas)

Labor & Employment (Texas)

Litigation: Appellate (Texas)

Litigation: General Commercial (Austin & Surrounds)

Litigation: Oil and Gas (Nationwide)

Litigation: Securities (Texas)

Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations (Texas)

Real Estate (Texas)

Real Estate - Mainly Corporate and Finance (New York)

Below are the individually recognized Haynes and Boone lawyers and the Chambers practice area(s):

Katherine (Kit) Addleman – Securities: Regulation: Enforcement (USA - Nationwide), Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations (Texas)

Ann Al-Bahish – Environment (Texas)

Purvi Patel Albers – Intellectual Property: Trade Mark & Copyright (Texas)

Paul Amiel – Banking & Finance (Texas)

Jeffrey Becker – Intellectual Property: Trade Mark & Copyright (Texas)

Brent Beckert – Corporate/M&A (Texas)

Charles Beckham Jr. – Bankruptcy/Restructuring (USA - Nationwide), Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Texas)

Thad Behrens – Litigation: Securities (Texas)

David Bell – Intellectual Property: Trademark & Copyright (Texas)

Emily Westridge Black – Litigation: General Commercial (Texas: Austin & Surrounds)

Michael Boone – Corporate/M&A (Texas)

Giorgio Bovenzi – Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Compliance) (USA - Nationwide)

Stacy Brainin – Healthcare (Texas), Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations (Texas)

Ronald W. Breaux – Antitrust (Texas), Litigation: White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations (Texas)

Barry I. Buchman – Insurance: Policyholder (District of Columbia)

Jeff Civins – Environment (Texas)

Deborah S. Coldwell – Franchising (USA - Nationwide)

Randall E. Colson – Technology: Outsourcing (Texas)

Eli Columbus – Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Texas)

Nina Cortell – Litigation: Appellate (Texas)

Matthew T. Deffebach – Labor & Employment (Texas)

John R. Eldridge – Environment (Texas)

Russell Emerson – Intellectual Property (Texas)

John D. Fognani – Environment (Colorado)

Matthew Frankle – Derivatives (Nationwide)

Jesse J. Gelsomini – Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation (Texas: Houston & Surrounds)

Brian Giovannini – Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation (Texas: Houston & Surrounds)

Daniel Gold – Litigation: Securities (Texas)

Melissa Goodman – Labor & Employment (Texas)

Mike A. Hatchell – Litigation: Appellate (Texas)

Anne Johnson – Litigation: Appellate (Texas)

Neal Kaminsky – Banking & Finance (Texas)

Phillip Kim – Healthcare (Texas)

Bill Kleinman – Technology: Corporate & Commercial (Texas)

Steven Koch – Real Estate: Finance (New York)

Becky Landau – Real Estate: Finance (New York)

Robert A. Lauer – Franchising (USA - Nationwide)

Lynne Liberato – Litigation: Appellate (Texas)

Diana Liebmann – Energy: State Regulatory & Litigation (Electricity) (Texas)

Dan Malone – Corporate/M&A (Colorado)

James Markus – Banking & Finance (Texas)

Ernest Martin – Insurance (Texas)

Michael Mazzone – Environment (Texas)

David McCombs – Intellectual Property (Texas)

Mary S. Mendoza – Environment (Texas)

Ben Mesches – Litigation: Appellate (Texas)

Laura Beth Miller – Intellectual Property (Illinois)

J. Frasher Murphy – Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Texas)

Suzanne Murray – Environment (Texas)

Scott G. Night – Banking & Finance (Texas)

Laura E. O'Donnell – Labor & Employment (Texas)

Ian Peck – Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Texas)

Stephen Pezanosky – Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Texas)

Timothy Powers – Banking & Finance (Texas)

Werner Powers – Insurance (Texas)

Laura Prather – First Amendment Litigation (USA - Nationwide)

Karen S. Precella – Litigation: Appellate (Texas)

Justin Riess - Banking & Finance (North Carolina)

Kent Rutter – Litigation: Appellate (Texas)

Michelle Scheffler – Oil & Gas Litigation (USA - Nationwide)

Janice V. Sharry – Corporate/M&A (Texas)

Micah Skidmore – Insurance (Texas)

Craig Stahl – Oil & Gas Litigation (USA - Nationwide), Litigation: Energy & Natural Resources (Texas)

Leslie Thorne – Litigation: General Commercial (Texas: Austin & Surrounds)

Mark Trachtenberg – Litigation: Appellate (Texas)

Craig Unterberg – Financial Services Regulation: Banking (Compliance) (USA - Nationwide)

Susan Wetzel – Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation (Texas: Dallas, Fort Worth & Surrounds)